Lefsetz Letter on WWDC

— 2 minute read

Bob Lefsetz nails the music industry (yet again):

And while the major labels worried about Apple’s power in the music industry, music is now a footnote in the company’s portfolio. The iPhone would function just fine WITHOUT music! You’d think rights holders would wonder how they could integrate music MORE, instead of leaving it out… Where is the Spotify app, which has been created yet not approved by the rights holders? God, everybody would be talking about music THEN!

It's so true. At one point it would have been hard to imagine the iPod/iPhone without music, but now it's so much more than music. For a lot of people an iPod touch is more about a calendar app with the occasional game and rarely is the iPod portion even ventured to.

Oldsters tend not to get it. That the key to the lives of youngsters today is ACCESS! They don’t believe in walls, they want to be able to reach out and touch EVERYBODY! If you erect a wall, young people ignore it, or destroy it, just to let you know who is boss. You may think the iPhone is a toy, but it’s a communications device! It allows you to be in touch with the world EVERYWHERE!