1. Happy Anniversary!

    Side note: I totally forgot that I used to wear shirts unbuttoned on top of my t-shirts. Oh, the 90's…

  2. Yeah….it's hard to believe it is 10 years!….until you see all the things that have happened along the way. Hope you are having fun making more great memories this week!
    Love you guys!!

  3. Wow! What a lot of memories in 3 minutes—-Awesome! Shed a few tears as well! Congratulations and love you !

  4. Sniffle sniffle! Very nice video! We should all get together and watch some old family videos….like your wedding video! I especially like the end when it says: Love Chris. sniffle

    Happy Anniversary!

  5. oh yea – when did you have Krispy Kreme's at mom's house without us?

  6. We have Krispy Kreme's every Thursday night at Mom & Dad's – didn't you know? Mom orders them in from Calgary for us every week. I guess she didn't tell you?

  7. Wow! Ten years' worth of memories in two minutes or less! I've heard of lots of 2 minute drills but this is a very special two minutes of memories. Well done!!

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