Rock Star in Diapers

We're still around, and still taking lots of pictures of Damien.  We kind of forgot about this site for awhile, so here's a bunch of new pictures to get us caught up.  :)

Damien has started crawling up onto things - chairs, stairs and now into his wagon:

Sitting in the Wheel Barrow
Enjoying the Wheel Barrow Too Much
Riding in his Wheel Barrow

It makes it harder to just leave him in a room to play now as he can get into so much more stuff as he figures out how to climb up higher.

He's still not walking on his own - though he'll gladly hold your hand and walk along with you.  He loves to push around his wagon and walk around the house with it:

Walking With His Wheel Barrow
Damien, Sad Face
Damien, Closeup

Is This Thing On?