Here's a video I did for FGCC that was shown a couple of weeks ago.

It was a lot harder, emotionally, to edit than I thought it would be when we first talked about what the video might end up looking like.  At first I was upset with myself for not being impacted by the scenes I was watching.  I really despised the thought that I had become so desensitized to images such as these.  But as I continued working, it really began to hit home.  Most of these clips are taken from a ABC report on Darfur and the ethnic cleansing/tribal warfare that has gone on there.

It just boggles my mind how that can be taking place on this same planet and have little to no effect on what we do here in Saskatoon.  We often look back in history and think 'How could people have let Hitler kill as many people as he did' but what's gone on and is continuing to go on all around the world are similair events that we do nothing about.

The song that's in the video is asking the question "Where Are You?" to God, but it could (and should) more likely be asked of us.

Where Are You