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Brooklyn Bridge Calling

Sometimes things happen that makes you wonder why it took so long for it to happen. U2 has released part of their free concert in Brooklyn (near Brooklyn? What do I know, I don’t live in New York) on the iTunes music store. Meanwhile, I’m downloading a DVD of the concert from Bittorrent.

It’ll be interesting to see how much of the music from their tour next year gets thrown online via iTunes. Hopefully other artists start getting the special treatment from Apple/iTunes. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love hearing different versions of songs, especially live, when a band experiments a bit.

  1. Primus has released every concert from their last two tours. you can download them, complete with case graphics, for 10$ american. the average concert is three discs worth of music. this isn't really a new thing, it's just that now bands are trying to make money off of it (capitalist jerks.) lots of bands encourage fans to record concerts (the grateful dead and phish for example). one complaint has been that the quality is bad, and the bands don't want that. on the other hand if it's openly allowed, people can come in with good gear and do a good job. then if the performance sucks it's the bands fault.

  2. Nope, and I never meant to imply it's a new thing. Dave Matthews Band used to allow people to daisy chain right off the sound board to record the concert.

    All I meant was that I'm hoping more bands make their concerts and 'special' events available online so that those of us who can't be at the concert can still take a listen.

    I've listened to enough audience recordings that I'd much rather pay a couple bucks for a good recording of a concert than have to listen to someone screaming for the band to play "their special song" the whole night.

  3. i've seen some cool rigs. one guy had about a 10ft pole with a crossbar and a huge condenser mics on either side. like i said if you allow it, it can be done right. i wonder how metallica feals about concert taping.

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