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Awkward Office Moment of the Day

Brought to you by The Office.

On hearing that it’s Tim’s 30th birthday:

David Brent (the boss): Things do change. It could be worse. There’s a neighbour of mine, Calvin, he’s 32 and he still lives with his parents.
Tim Canterbury: I live with my parents.
David: Cherish them… really. Because you’ll miss them when they’re not around. Both of mine are dead.
Tim: Oh
David Well, dad isn’t… dead. He’s in a home. So, as good as.

David: Anyway… he is a vegetable now.. and that’s something we all got to look forward to. Happy birthday.

  1. Welcome back Kelly! And congrats for figuring out how to quote – Troy still hasn't been able to get in. 🙂

    Have you seen the Christmas special? Someone at work dl'ed it here. One of the best written series finales I've seen.

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