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Anyone out there tried/using It doesn’t seem like that bad a deal. Basically commiting to paying $25/month for movie rentals – which I know most of us do that anyway with it being almost $6 each time at the local Blockbuster or whatever. Just curious if there’s anyone with any actual experience with how well it works.

  1. Hey Chris,

    I haven't tried it yet but my bosses have and they swear by it. You get 4 movies out at a time, can keep them for as long as you want and the postage is all pre-paid.

    Sounds like a good deal considering they have most of the more "obscure" dvd sets (gi joe, transformers series, dbz etc…) and are readily available.

    I've been thinking about signing up but I was trying to get some friends to "co-own" an account and split the bill. I figure even 2 movies per week is pretty good if I split it with someone else 😉

  2. I looked at VHQ's online service and it sound fairly good too (but am curious to hear from someone who actually uses it too). You pay $19.95/month and get 3 DVD's at a time, all postage is prepaid and right now they have a 2 week free trial offer.

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