iChat Anyone

— 1 minute read

I was just ichattin with Mark and am thinking I gotta use this more often. It's just as convinient as the phone and with wireless internet it's like a cordless. The problem is I have no real reason to use it - it's just a cool technology. That's pretty much enough reason for me. I'm seriously tempted by the horribly overpriced ($189?!?! C'mon Apple!) and more useless to me isight webcamera just because of how well it works. I know in the latest version of MSN M$ made some improvements on the video component, but it still doesn't work as well as iChat with an iSight.

I think we need to convince Sue's sis and bro-in-law who live in Australia to get themselves a mac with an isight. heh heh.. Friggin Apple. It's like a cult.