Hope you had a good father's day.  We got to spend time with my family, eating cake and playing pool and ping pong.  (Pics here for those who dig those digital image type things)  My sister Jamie couldn't find a boy she liked here in Canada, so she decided to go to Mexico and get one instead.  Some of those pics are for him to send home to show friends/family where he's staying while he's visiting.  I lost 50 pesos to him at pool, but I'm confident I'll get that back the next time we play.

I also got to see the other side of father's day.  A guy I met for the first time at church yesterday told me of how his father who is an alcoholic hasn't called him in over two years, and how the rest of his family doesn't call him either anymore.  He said when he thinks about it, he 'gets some depression' (his wording - he suffers from a mental disability) and thinks about ending his life.  When he prays, those thoughts go away.

I found out later that he's seeing Mark's dad, who will be able to offer him infinitely better help than I could.  I appreciated his honesty and openess and I wish more of us could be transparent like that in our low times as well as when we're "ok".

Happy Father's Day