Jamie is home!

My sister Jamie came home from Mazatlan yesterday after being gone since January.  We only got to spend a bit of time with her over supper but it was good to have our fam all together again.  In a couple of weeks her Mexican b/f comes and we get to run him through the gauntlet to see if he checks out okay.

The new pudgy faces of Krispy Kreme

Since my mum and sister picked Jamie up in Calgary, they decided to bring along a little extra suprise for supper in the form of 2 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts.  There wasn't exactly 2 dozen by the time they got home, but it was close enough that Sue and I got to experience the phenomenom that is Krispy Kreme.  My verdict: very low-fat and very Atkins friendly.

Krispy Kreme Delights