Lots happened this past weekend.  We celebrated our 5 year anniversary, Sue got me a BBQ, I got her an iBook (it's a win, win situation really) and we took off to Edmonton Saturday morning and came back Sunday afternoon.  1000k in two days.  We realized that driving is the perfect time to watch those DVD extras you never have time to actually sit down and watch.  So the drive home went much quicker as we watched 3 hours of LoTR: Two Towers extras.  Sue held her laptop and we plugged it into the car stereo.

We watched the finale to Survivor: All Stars and weren't really surprised by the outcome.  It was going to be either Rob or Amber.  The marriage proposal wasn't totally shocking either - and allowing us, the viewer, to vote on which over-exposed, celebrity hungry survivor gets a million dollars isn't worthy of all the hype they had - and I think Jeff knew it.  Head to cbs.com and vote for Rupert.  If you want to see something creepy, watch the video plea by Susan where she wishes death on a desert island where all you're left with is your teeth if you don't vote for her.

Yech.  That's 30 seconds of my life I can't get back.

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