in Design


I got bored of my old design and since I’m lazy I just went and used a template that someone else built. If I get around to it I’ll change the colors and graphics a bit to suit me, but I’m not making any promises.

Let me know if there’s any broken links or things that look wierd. Off for lunch with Mark.

  1. This comments thing is pretty funky too… I suppose it's supposed to be like that, but the comment thing comes up in the same window as your blog, full size and everything. Then to get back to the blog, you need to click on home at the top… crazy…

  2. Who uses a Mac these days???

    I (sorta) fixed up the comments thing. Still not using the stylesheet for colors but it is back to the popup way I like normally.

    I should mention that I didn't 'steal' the design – it's from a guy (the credits are in the left hand column) that is giving it away for people to use so long as they credit him. So there ya go. I'm still lazy.

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