I got an email from my dad today who's suffering down in Mazatlan right now.  Suffering from golf addiction.  He shot a 1 under par for the first time on the course by their condo last week, and the other day had another once-in-a-lifetime golf event happen.

His story begins below:

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Estrella Del Mar Clubhouse

This is strictly a golf e-mail because I did something a little rare today. This occurred after I took Lynn to the airport in Luis' truck and then returned back to the clubhouse to play a little more golf.

Today was one of those days when I accomplished something I will probably never do again down here in my lifetime -- and for that matter I'm not sure too many people ever will in their lifetime. I  did something which is very, very rare. Hole #9 is a very, very,difficult hole - a dog leg right and only 380 yards BUT the wind blows across right to left  both off the tee and on your approaches, the right side of the fairway is totally lined with huge bunkers from 150 in, the green is totally surrounded by cavernous bunkers(on average at least 3 of 4 golfers in every group end up in the bunkers at the front of the green which are about 10-12 feet below the height of the green) and the green is very, very fast. Well I nailed my approach to within 18 inches and the clubhouse staff were there cheering me on when I got up there because they could go a month on this course without the 9th hole ever getting birdied. I birdied it for only my 3rd or 4th time in about 150 rounds down here. But it didn't end there.

If you're not on the edge of your seat with anticipation, you better re-read this and then get ready to go on by cliking below:

Anyways, I played the front 9 again because I was playing late tonight and I felt it better if I was 'hidden' in the back 9 so people wouldn't start asking the staff why I was allowed to play late and no one else was. Anyways, the second time on 9 I hit my approach to 130 and then the unthinkable occurred. I eagled it from 130! That is a first for me on a par 4 and I believe on the 9th hole on this course for anyone. The unfortunate part was that I didn't see it go in. The green is elevated. I knew it was a decent shot but when I got to the green I couldn't see the ball. I assumed it had gone into the sand behind the green. But nothing there. I eventually checked the hole and 'voila' there it was.

I'm not sure if all of you will appreciate how rare this event was but I am sure Lynn and Alfredo will after playing that monster hole #9 and watching hundreds of people struggle in those bunkers.

Well, that's my excitement for the day and week ....

Happy Day For My Dad