Great quotes from today's Penny Arcade:

Well, except for one thing: my stepdad says that the way he and his guys would fish in 'Nam was to press a grenade with the pin pulled down into a jar of peanut butter. They would then drop this jar from a great height via helicopter, and he tells me that when the jar hit the surface of the water and cracked, the grenade was released and the resultant shockwave of water, glass, shrapnel, and I assume peanut butter would either kill fish or just kick the shit out of them, causing them to float where they could be scooped up by the Huey. Okay, that's all the facts. No more, that's it.


The Gamespot review refers to the difficulty of managing these craft, and while they might be difficult compared to jeeps, I only had to crash one or two before I got the hang of it. To compare, flying helicopters in DC is like bending a spoon with your mind or trying to walk a tyrannosaur. To say they are unwieldy is to have a good shot at Understatement Of The Year.

And one more:

Since the "on foot" gameplay has always been of a very high lethality index in this series, there's no reason not to just take this class every time and act as the agent of divine retribution. Between your disposable rocket launcher and your heavy machinegun, you represent a buffet of death that is open twenty-four hours a day.

(sigh)  I miss the days of playing BF1942.  It was great fun to have everyone at work united in the common goal of killing each other.  I wonder if I could somehow justify using my professional allowance at work to buy a better video card for my home PC that would allow me to play BF1942 again?  That's pretty good use of some student's tutition, doncha think?  (Note:  It's not really someone's tution - it's partially from tution but mostly from union dues and sales at the store)  Maybe that's why there's been so much tension at work lately, there hasn't been enough video game violence!  I think I could do a study to show that video game violence helps, not hinders, the advancment of the human race.

I'll see if I can pawn that idea off on to some psych grad student that lives in the basement we call an office so I can get back to playing BF1942.

Vietnam Ain't For Sissies