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Music Industry NOT In A slump

The recording industry is not being hurt by pirated music as they would like you to believe. Here’s an excellent write-up on the recent news that’s come out that the Australian recording industry is hiding numbers showing that they’ve had their best year ever so that they can trumpet the anti-piracy claims.

And a new study by researchers at Harvard and N. Carolina states that even high levels of file-swapping seemed to translate into an effect on album sales that was “statistically indistinguishable from zero.”

  1. I know this is justification… BUT…

    Whenever I buy a spindle of CD's, I'm paying the music industry a portion of that cost. The kicker is, almost all of my CD's are used to data-backup purposes. So, I'm paying the industry for music I never acquire.

    I read, a while ago, that when the sales of music CD's dropped off a couple years ago, the sale of data CD's increased almost three-fold. Now, when you're charging $.25 + cents on every CD, and never having to produce a product… How much of that do you think is profit? Yeah. That's right. The whole freakin' wad.


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