Panoramic of the room

Tim hit the ancient age of 28 on the weekend and we went by to help him celebrate.  I took the picture above using the panoramic function on our camera.  It's actually 9 or 10 individual camera shots that made up that one picture.  Aside from the freaky Mark face it actually works pretty good.  I think I'll have to try it more often, especially if I have a tripod to properly line up the shots.

Digital camera versus old school camera

Friday night we had the guys/girls only night with Jr High.  The guys all came over to my parent's place where we played some vids, pool, ping pong and even got into some crokinole.  There ended up being about 32 guys who showed up so it got a little crazy trying to keep them all entertained but between the Gamecube, XBox and PS2 we managed.

It's 11:30 and since I slept for a couple of hours this afternoon I'm not tired but I feel like I'm coming down with something.  I've been popping the eichinachia today and trying to think healthy thoughts, but I feel like my head's been in a fog all day.  Sue's trying to get me to watch Trading Spaces: Home Free...  I think I may have to since I'm just going to toss and turn anyway if I try to go to sleep.

Oh, and we've got a girl coming to

Happy 28