Remember what I said a few days ago?:

"Spring is finally coming and hopefully the snow is actually going to stay gone this time. We've been tempted and teased so many times by spring this year (foul temptress that she is) that it's a little hard to believe it's actually going to stick this time. But this week is supposed to be above 0 all week - that's celsius for our American friends."

Well, winter came back and beat up on spring again.  We got dumped on yesterday so we're back into the snow and slush for the weekend.  Now we're being tempted by +18 next week.  Rest assured that as soon as I pull my bike out to go for a ride the ground will be covered in snow before I get out of the garage.  Grrrr...    When I see this, this or this it makes me think that maybe we should try our fortunes elsewhere for awhile.

Foul, Foul Temptress