I love the pics on this site.  There's just something about Dublin that I love.  My original reason for heading to Ireland the first time was due to my, er, mild enjoyment of a little rock 'n roll outfit called U2.  But the funny thing is, aside from wandering past the Clarence Hotel they own I never did any of the U2 touristy things.  I fell in love with the rest of the country and didn't even hit up Windmill Lanes where they recorded a lot of their albums.  I kind of regret that now that they have (or will be) tearing the studio down.

Ah well, I'll still have the memories of sitting in the back of a van on an empty keg being driven around Dublin by a drunk old Irishman, eventually ending up at The Wicked Wolf packed full of people all singing U2 tunes at the top of their lungs.

Fill All Your Heart's Desires