Well there's 3 versions of the single floating around apparently - check out this site for all 3 (although Mark said that the site crashed his computer so you might want to be careful with that one!). Apparently two of the versions are essentially the same, one is just a single channel (mono) version of the other so it sounds a bit different but is basically the same. Either way it's great to hear new U2 material, even if it is a throw away tune from the ATYCLB sessions.

Too busy today at work to think as two people (one being Phil - go yell at him for me) were away sick today. But we had a fun time in the store - the day goes by quicker when it's busy like that.

The MTV Video Music Awards are on tonight so I think we'll be watching that until it gets lame. Perhaps sneaking over to my parent's place to sit in the hot tub would be a good idea after standing on my feet all day. L8r.

more u2 for u