It's certainly been a creative couple of weeks with Travis and I. Not that these tunes are necessarily great songs or anything, we're just having a lot of fun doing it. We've done up another song - well a cover song this time. For whatever reason Rocket Man by Elton John has been floating around in my head as a cool tune and so, the other night when Travis and I got together and nothing was coming musically we thought we'd try our hands at covering a little Elton. Maybe it was the fact that he's coming here (Saskatoon and Kelowna are his only stops in Canada... I don't understand it) but mostly it was just a cool tune that works well accoustically.

Grab yourself a sample if you dare.

In movie news, The Lord of the Rings DVD comes out in a few days. I'm a bit torn as they are apparently releasing another version in November with 30 minutes of extra footage that the version coming out now doesn't have. They're obviously doing it to help hype the next movie that's coming out in December (for which there was a trailer in the Austin Powers movie - nearly worth the price of admission just for the trailer... well, the trailer and the opening 10 minutes of Austin Powers for sure). Hmmm... well, we'll just have to see what my birthday (Aug 19th hint! hint!) brings me. :)

You are the Rocket Man