As I type this there are at least 8 girls downstairs celebrating Dana's engagment with what they like to call a 'Bridal Shower.' I don't really need to point out that there's no sign of any shower happening, so I won't. Vast amounts of chips and chocolate will be consumed things that it's probably best I don't know about will be discussed.

It's funny how a lot of our friends have reached the magic age of 25 and are starting to get paired off. I don't think it's panic or anything because nobody's rushed into a relationship that they shouldn't really be in, but it is kind of funny how last year at this time hardly anybody was even dating and now most everyone is engaged.

Except for Darren.

But that's ok because Darren's okay. Although he sounds a little less confident in his single-ness now that he's one of the few left (in our friendship group obviously). So, wherever you are tonight - raise a pint to Darren and wish him luck in his pursuit of his mystery lady who is out there somewhere, wondering where her intellectually stimulating unworldly loner of a man is.

Getting married