o as I'm doing a bunch of Apple training here at work, I'm realizing once again how much I'd really like a Mac - if we could afford one.

Powermac G4 933 - $3,169
17" Apple Studio Display - $1,199
Sony DCRTRV740 Video Camera - $1,099
Final Cut Pro - $449
DVD Studio Pro - $819
Firewire Cable - $12
All for only $6,747 ($7,624 w/taxes)

You can even throw in an extra $1500 for a DigiDesign Digi001 and be setup for video and audio production.

Well, all I can really do is put it on my Christmas list I guess. :)

(note: all prices are education pricing only and are available at The Campus Computer Store. :) )

So you wanna make movies?