WWDC 2024 Wishlist

My WWDC 2024 wishlist is not based in reality. Not even Vision Pro reality.

WWDC 2024 Wishlist
Photo by Isabel Maria Guner-Velasco / Unsplash

With Apple's WWDC 2024 coming up next week, I thought I'd put on my Apple nerd hat and come up with my mostly uninformed and hypercritical wish list for what I'd love to see from Apple this year:

  • The first one is one that's already rumoured—a standalone version of a passwords app. Long overdue. I loved 1Password, but it's becoming a bigger monster than what it was when I moved my family on to it.
  • iPad OS gains multi-user support. For various reasons, I often come close to ordering a new iPad but stop myself when I think about how often someone else in my family of 5 humans will want to use it for something. I don't have anything to hide, but I also don't want my kid accidentally replying to a client's email without having to put it in some sort of special mode. If an iPad can edit multiple 4K video streams, it can handle multiple users. At this point it feels a deliberate limitation by Apple to force people to buy more iPads.
  • The Photos app needs some sort of basic stitching of videos and much smarter AI features than it has right now. Shuttling people off to iMovie just isn't the move anymore. It doesn't have to be CapCut or TikTok level, but Apple's app is feeling like a Windows Vista photo library app at this point.
  • Actually just buy Detail and replace iMovie with it. That would solve so much of the issues with creating content on iOS and macOS for people who want to use Apple end to end.
  • Also buy Descript, make it macOS only and finally release a native app with end-t0-end integration with Final Cut Pro.
  • Speaking of AI, I hope Apple is sensible about their integration with OpenAI. I generally trust Apple's wait and see attitude towards new tech, and for the average consumer AI has been a lot of tricks without much substance. If Apple can work their magic on AI integration in the same way that they made the aforementioned iMovie easy for the rest of us to edit movies, it could be really powerful.
  • Siri needs to be as smart and easy as using ChatGPT is, but 150% more reliable.
  • My iPhone 13 Pro needs to start connecting to cables like it's new. Yes, I've tried cleaning out gunk and dust from the lightning port. I won't be taking any questions on this issue.
  • The HomePod should be priced at a price that doesn't make me think "WTF?" whenever I'm tempted by it.
  • AppleTV hardware should be at a price where I don't think twice about ordering one for friends who keep buying crap Amazon Firesticks.
  • While we're talking AppleTV, on the + side, the new season of Severance should be announced and released by the end of the day.
  • iOS' Standby mode needs to be able to be edited without having your phone plugged in and turned sideways. And stop turning on widget suggestions and just let me have a clock and that's it. Forever and always. A clock. That's all I want. Why would I want a widget with a random contact's picture when I'm half awake at 3am wondering what time it is?
  • Let me click one button to update all the apps on my iPhone except for the Twitter app so I can keep Twitter alive, even if it's just on my iPhone.
  • Buy my business, rebrand it as Apple Podcasting Creations, and pay me to edit everything in only Apple hardware and software with a focus on Vision Pro based production.
  • One more thing: a Ted Lasso spinoff that's just as good as the original but featuring Hannah Waddingham as Rebecca Walton running the women's division soccer team, but with a Christine Sinclair inspired Canadian soccer player moving to Richmond to kickstart the program. Hilarious and emotionally impactful episodes last for 3 perfect seasons with a holiday bonus episode each year.

That's it.

I fully expect Tim Cook to nail most of these in the first 30 minutes and then wow us with the even more amazing announcements for the rest of the keynote.