The Daily on a Potential Trump 2.0

What's real and what's hot air in the potential sequel to the worst presidential release in my lifetime.

The Daily on a Potential Trump 2.0
Photo by Clay Banks / Unsplash

The Daily has an interesting episode (Pocket Casts link) out this week reporting on what a second Trump term could look like using what Trump and his team have been saying on the campaign trail, as well as looking back to his first term to see what was done then, and how his second term could be even "radical, vindictive and unchecked than his first one."

I don't know how the average American feels these days, but from up here in Canada I alternate between disbelief that he's even being taken seriously to a real fear that he will actually get elected again.

The problem is that a liar will say anything—including the truth—to get what he wants. And so how does anyone know what he and the people in his org plan to actually do, versus what's just saying crazy, messed up stuff that he has no plan to remember by the end of the day, never mind if he gets elected.

At the end of the day, USA's gonna USA.

What gets really frustrating is how the right wing nutters here in Canada try to mimic and copy what they see being played out south of our border. Tossing out meaningless slogans, throwing all sorts of political crap at the social media wall, and proudly aligning themselves with the right wing nuts in the USA.