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Matt Mullenweg on Automattic’s Purchase of Simplenote

On the new Simplenote:

The beauty of Simplenote being under Automattic’s wing is that we are already blessed with incredibly fruitful businesses in, Akismet, and VaultPress. The biggest thing I didn’t like about the old app was the ads, and as you’ve noticed those are gone in this new version. Our main goal is to pour our heart into something and make it great, then it with the world. I find Simplenote indispensable, delightful, and use it every day, and I hope you will too.

I hope Matt finds more apps I like useful and indispensable and buys them, makes them free and remove the ads. Starting with Instacast and Reeder.

Simplenote is a cross platform note taking app: iOS, Mac, Android and Kindle.

  1. I spent my afternoon trying to fix comments just to get a disagreement comment? 🙂

    I only want Automattic to buy them because I’m trying to be budget conscious and am not going to buy upgrades of apps that work fine for me. For now…

  2. hahaha! I know. I totally trolled you. But I just personally don’t like companies buying apps like this. I’d much rather pay for them to retain control of the direction of the app.

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