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While it’s always nice to start from scratch for projects I’m working on at Lemon Productions, time and budget don’t always allow for that. Or sometimes it’s just a perfect fit for an idea with a theme or plugin that I’ve come across. And in those cases, I turn to WooThemes.

I first discovered WooThemes when I built my first personal portfolio site back in 2008 using their ProudFolio theme. Since then I’ve used a variety of their themes for personal and client work.

Some of My Favourite Themes

Here’s a quick selection of some of my favourite themes WooThemes offers.


Canvas is the theme I usually start with on most projects these days. It’s a great basis to start from and has a ton of customizable options and settings that someone new to WordPress could start with but also a lot of flexibility and power for a more experienced user.


I’ve held off buying Briefed because I don’t want to need to redesign my portfolio site now. But Briefed makes me want to redesign it. Again. But I can’t now. Right?

Must. Not. Buy.

There’s a E-commerce theme available for Briefed if you have digital products you want to sell.


If you’re a photographer, Statua would make a great starting theme with its built-in custom post types for your photos. There’s also a E-commerce child theme for it if you want to try to sell your photos or digital work.


If you need a theme for a business, Simplicity is a great place to start and it’s also got a E-commerce option if you need to sell t-shirts.


Currents would make a great theme for any news and story/article driven website.

I’m actually using this for a podcast called The YXE.

A Note on Reviews and Recommendations

These recommends pages are for products and services that I actually use myself. I won’t recommend something unless I personally am using or have used it. If you decide to use or purchase the service recommended on this page, I will receive a commission which goes towards supporting my writing on this site as well as the podcasting I do at SSKTN. I appreciate your support!

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