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For my day job, I run a web design and development company called Lemon Productions as well as a podcast network called SSKTN and whenever I have to do anything with money – invoicing, project estimating, etc. – I use FreshBooks.

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It’s by far the easiest invoicing system I’ve tried – and I have tried quite a few.

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The fact that it’s a web page and online service means that it can automatically send out invoices and reminders for you – without you having to remember to start up a program on your computer and go through your invoices and outstanding payments. It’s a huge mental relief to be able to dump reoccurring invoices into FreshBooks and not have to think about them again until one day you get payment notification from a client. Awesomesauce.

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Reports and stats coming out the whazoo (that’s a technical term) – it’s approved by my accountant for tax time. Check out FreshBooks if you’re in need of invoicing and project budgeting and want to be able to focus on the actual doing of your stuff instead of invoicing and billing for your stuff.

A Note on Reviews and Recommendations

These recommends pages are for products and services that I actually use myself. I won’t recommend something unless I personally am using or have used it. If you decide to use or purchase the service recommended on this page, I will receive a commission which goes towards supporting my writing on this site as well as the podcasting I do at SSKTN. I appreciate your support!

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