All the tech in Ford’s New F-150 Truck

— 2 minute read

In a previous life I got invited to review Ford vehicles from time to time (2013 Ford Explorer, 2013 Ford Escape) but now I've got an itch for a truck to pull a tent trailer and haul stuff (aka podcasting gear? What are you hoping to haul exactly Chris?)

Reading this tech review of the 2021 Ford F150 truck makes me wish I had an extra $40k - $60k laying around in fun money to get a CarPlay, 4G LTE equipped vehicle to drive from my house to Starbucks with most of the year and pull a tent trailer once or twice.

...the F-150 has a new SYNC 4 system and embedded 4G LTE modem, which can provide Wi-Fi access for up to 10 devices.

Mobile wifi router!

Oh hold on, it's also a mobile office aka podcast recording studio:

The new F-150 will come with an optional work surface in the center console area. The surface is designed to be used as a convenient place to sign documents, set up a laptop up to 15-inches in size or park that sandwich.


Out on the tailgate is another work surface that includes integrated rulers, a mobile device holder, a cup holder and a pencil holder.

Since this is the 2021 model, I'll aim to pick one up in 2031 or later when hover trucks are all the rage.