in Music Legal?

Well my initial experience has been pretty good with I plopped $10US (approx $15Cdn) into Paypal and got 1GB of downloads from them. Being a bit nervous about how long it might actually last, I’m quickly burning through that 1GB. I’ve downloaded 5 complete albums (Nelly Furtado, Johnny Cash, Dido, Norah Jones, Daniel Lanois) as well as a bunch of other single tunes (call them guilty pleasures, *cough* Timberlake *cough*, stuff I wouldn’t want to be caught buying at Future Shop – ).

The more I read about them, they seem to be on the up and up. I found a review of that explains a bit. They also link to a bunch of artists that have free downloads on Use your discretion. It boils down to laws being different in Russia (duh) as well as the US dollar to Russian ruble conversion being in our favor in a big way.

It’s no where near as easy as what iTunes music store would/will be – if they ever get around to releasing it up north here.

  1. Hows the Nelly Furtado album? It's on my 'Please get me for Christmas' list, but is it really good enough to be on there?

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