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M&M makes for good music

Kirk’s version of ‘Without Me’ by Eminem is up on the Wedding Singers site for your listening, er, pleasure? He drops some fly shouts out to Pastor Abe Klassen (A to the Klizzo) and Pastor Bruce Enns (B-radicaly Uce) – see if you can pick them out.

In ‘What’s For Lunch’ news, I’m headed to Bro’s on 3rd Ave for pizza lunch with Markio today. It’s a horrible restaurant with crappy service but one heck of a great pizza sauce. Just be sure to put your order in as soon as you get there, unless you’ve got a few hours to spare.

Also, you can access this page another way now (so you don’t have to remember the whole long address), only it won’t work if I take my laptop away from work. At any rate, you can also get here using Of course, by the time you read this I will have taken my laptop home for the weekend and it won’t work – but you get the idea, right?